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The Hispanic Republicans of Texas was founded to recruit and support Hispanic Republicans running for Federal, State and local offices.

Roxanne Acosta-Hellberg

Roxanne Acosta-Hellberg is running for Jefferson County Clerk.

Roxanne Acosta-Hellberg

Hispanic Republicans of Texas is excited to endorse Roxanne Acosta-Hellberg for Jefferson County Clerk!

Roxanne’s history and experience, from her humble beginnings as a migrant worker to her formal education with an MBA, feeds well into her goals for the Jefferson County Clerk’s office.

As a self-employed entrepreneur, she believes the taxpayer has made an investment in their county government and deserves customer service at its best. In addition to being personally and fiscally conservative, she is committed to integrity, efficiency, transparency, and diversity.

Jefferson County is located in Southeast Texas.

Visit her Facebook page to learn more!

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